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Smithsonian on Demand

In November 2005, the Smithsonian Institution’s Board of Regents approved a deal selling to Showtime, a private cable television company, the right to use the Institution’s collections and professional staff for television productions. The joint venture, known at the time … Continue reading

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My Interview With Cindy Dickinson of the Emily Dickinson Museum

Interview with Cindy Dickinson, Director of Interpretation at the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts: (Cindy’s first job out of the Winterthur Program in DE, was as curator at the Emily Dickinson House, prior to the formation of today’s Emily … Continue reading

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Forever and Ever? The Idea of Permanence in the Definition of ‘Museums’

Museum: A public or private nonprofit agency or institution organized on a permanent basis for essentially educational or aesthetic purposes, which, utilizing a professional staff, owns or utilizes tangible objects, cares for them, and exhibits them to the public on … Continue reading

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Expansion plans

A plan for building is quite possibly one of the biggest commitments in the life of a museum.  From financial burdens to legal requirements, the process of procuring or constructing a new facility requires total dedication.  In a field where … Continue reading

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