Canals, Railroads, and a Future Museum

What do canals, railroads and a future museum have in common? Well, me. I am spending my summer internship as a consultant to the Sullivan County Parks & Recreations Department. The County plans to open a museum in the near future. The museum site is a new building in the D&H Linear Park located at Phillipsport, New York.

The future site of the museum in Phillipsport, New York

My role is to create a manual of suggestions and strategic plans which highlight the Delaware & Hudson Canal and the railroad which replaced it during the late 19th century. The canal transported anthracite coal from Pennsylvania to New York City and was  successful due to immigrants who built and worked along it. It is a hope of the County to highlight the “Faces of the Canal” in a future exhibition.

The remains of Lock 50 on the D&H Canal. This is on the future museum site.

In order to build relationships for future collaborations, I have become acquainted with several historical societies and agencies. These relationships are only the beginning of the museum’s solid foundation. I am working with Parks & Recreations’ Director, Kristin Porter to approve a mission statement, a museum name, a collections policy, establish a gift shop plan, and make suggestions for exhibitions space. I will also be orchestrating a public forum and a collections’ day later this summer.

The canal’s Tow Path.

 If it has to be done, I am doing it!  It is difficult to share all that I am doing because working to create a museum encompasses so many tasks on so many levels. I  realize how the last year at CGP has helped prepare me for such a large project and my prior business experience has proved useful in dealing with people and professional situations. Between my internship, writing my thesis, and oh yes, managing family affairs, my summer is beyond full!!!

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