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…And What Are We Doing?

Mission statements are easy to ignore. In our day to day lives with emails pouring in, phones ringing, and having to deal with our supervisors, subordinates, and patrons, it is hard to take the time to sit back and reflect … Continue reading

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Mission? Accomplished!

Anyone who’s worked in a museum with a weak mission can attest to the importance of the statement.  Museums without strong missions often struggle because staff, board members, and the community lack a common understanding of the institution’s guiding principle.  … Continue reading

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Planning Museums; Quotes that Push Us Forward

When I think of planning, I think of my old tennis coach who used to yell at me, “A failure to plan is a plan for failure!” –he would yell because either I forgot to set up my body for a … Continue reading

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Planning…. for what?

Hearing the phrase “museum planning” conjures up many different ideas, ranging from developing a strategic plan, constructing a new building, improving a mission statement, incorporating technology, creating a whole new museum, or even just putting together an exhibition. With all … Continue reading

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Museum Purpose

What should the purpose of a museum be? According to Stephen E. Weil, emeritus senior scholar at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, instead of being about something, museums should be for somebody. In his article about the transformation of American … Continue reading

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