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Collect Now or Later?

Collecting. Potentially one of the most expensive habits any one person can partake in, it has gladly assumed its throne in this consumer-based society. Just think of the collecting fads that have taken over the past couple of decades: cuddly … Continue reading

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The Collecting Dilemma: Consumerism vs. Collecting and the Experience of Collecting

When I was 14 I went to Disney World with my family and spent three hours with my mom in the Magic Kingdom. A typical Disney World experience except for the fact that the hours we were there were from … Continue reading

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The Human Element: Museums and the Possibilites for Social Growth

In their influential text, The Museum Experience, John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking seek “to understand museums from a visitor’s perspective” (p. 1).  They define museum encounters through their Interactive Experience Model, which they divide into three contexts: personal, … Continue reading

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Museums in Transition: How to deliver a quality museum experience to different audiences in 2010

When Falk and Dierking wrote The Museum Experience in 1992 their ideas helped revolutionize the way we look at the museum visitor. Almost twenty years later this book continues to resound as a way to understand the visitor; however, it … Continue reading

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To Please All? Or To Please Most…

In order to be sustainable, museums must reach a broad audience. According to Ron Crouch’s article, entitled “Rules for a New Demographic Ballgame”, America’s museum audience is quickly changing. Within the non-Hispanic white population, younger generations are getting progressively smaller … Continue reading

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