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Museum practices vs. Community Wants

Making museums relevant. It sounds simple enough. However, a report from the American Association of museums shows many museums fall behind in this area. Museums, as a whole, are not making history relevant to the community they serve. That is … Continue reading

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Mission-Transformational rather than Transactional

We learned in our discussion last week that a museum’s mission captures its quintessential function. Emanating from the mission we also have values and vision. Overall we came to a consensus that the mission needs constant updating in our ever-changing … Continue reading

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Mission and vision going nowhere? Try collaboration.

A good mission is difficult to plan.  Staff, community, and board members are all involved in reevaluating a museum’s direction, but if every institution has its own unique set of circumstances, is there one good way to change a mission? … Continue reading

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Paradigm shift?

Paradigm shift.  A fancy phrase that museologists use to describe the change within the museum field over the past thirty years.  But have museums shifted as the theory suggests?  Reinventing the Museum discusses this theoretical change within our public institutions.  … Continue reading

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Not Inevitable, Eternal, Ideal, nor Divine

Much has been written about the “paradigm shift” in museum philosophy over nearly the last century.  This shift has largely been characterized by a change from an internal, collections focused institution to an external, visitor focused one.  But what does … Continue reading

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