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Pass the Authority, Please!

Authority is a loaded word.  It implies a relationship structured on power.  For many, the museum is an authority on history for little reason other than, well, it’s a museum.  So, before even walking in, a power-based relationship exists between … Continue reading

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Sharing is Caring, it IS fun!

Why are most museum professionals so controlling? Perhaps it is because we fear that if we give some of this control to the public then they will no longer have a need for museums, or perhaps we fear that shared … Continue reading

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Museums DO Suck [For Some People]

In light of the recent discussion about the ‘suckiness’ of museums for teenagers and the response from the museum community I think we should take a minute to talk about the audience groups that are not getting the most out … Continue reading

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That belongs in a museum!

Like so many of the concepts proposed in Reinventing the Museum, civic engagement is a big one. If museums wish to be seen as social, inclusive, reflective, and responsive institutes, we must broaden our spectrum and become a “catalyst for … Continue reading

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