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All Questions, But Who Has the Answers?

The collection is everything in the art world.  It is the heart of the institution, so why would an institution decide to get rid of it?  If you start deaccessioning items, eventually you won’t have a collection or anything that … Continue reading

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Where Should These Remains Remain? — Plumbing the Depths of Museum Ethics

Millions of people visit museums every year to engage with stories that collections can tell.  The collections and stories are diverse, but one thing they share is that, “[a museum’s] stewardship of collections entails the highest public trust and carries … Continue reading

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Accessibility to Inclusion: The Next Step

Inclusion is more than a buzzword; it embodies the broader impetus to create an open and equal forum for people of different cultures, backgrounds, or abilities.  Inclusion takes accessibility one step further, from an open door to an invitation. Art … Continue reading

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How Do We Increase Diversity in Museums?

This week, our conversation in class will focus on diversity in museums. I was fortunate enough to speak with Cordell Reaves at the NYS Parks Department and Chris Taylor at the Minnesota Historical Society, both of whom are involved in … Continue reading

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