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The Value of Museums

How will my community be different/better in positive ways because this museum exists? This is the central question for all museum professionals in the twenty-first century, according to John Falk and Lynn Dierking in The Museum Experience Revisited. Falk and … Continue reading

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A Talk about Museum Audience with Sonnet Takahisa

Sonnet Takahisa, Deputy Director for Engagement and Innovation at the Newark Museum, talked with me today about the museum’s audience and her position as an advocate for audience engagement. The museum has a lot of programs for their audience- Public … Continue reading

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How can museums be more inclusive?

In our Introduction to Museums course we are learning about how museums can better embrace diversity. I had the opportunity to interview Maria Vann, Director of the Iroquois Indian Museum in Howes Cave, N.Y. My discussion with Maria enlightened me … Continue reading

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The Dilemma of Diversity

Museums are facing an increasing dilemma when it comes to attracting diverse new audiences. Ron Crouch, director of the Kentucky State Data Center at University of Louisville, explains in the article “Rules for a New Demographic Ballgame,” that the aging … Continue reading

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Decoding the Direction of the Museum Shift

The paradigm shift is all about moving the core of museums from conservation and collections to education and public service. This new focus gives rise to a plethora of questions. Should exhibits be driven more by artifacts or ideas? How … Continue reading

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