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Curating Controversy

This week in Intro to Museums, we read Steven Dubin’s Displays of Power, a book about some of the most important and controversial museum exhibitions of the last 60 years. In order to think about how to mount controversial exhibitions … Continue reading

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Museums and Controversial Objects

How can museums best deal with objects of a controversial nature in their collections and on display? We have to think carefully about the distinction between controversial objects (that incite a debate) and objects that are emotionally charged. Museums shouldn’t … Continue reading

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History in the Making

Museums have a great responsibility in attempting to interpret contemporary history. Starting a dialogue about twentieth century events is a daunting task as many of the story’s participants are still alive and well, bringing their memories, insights, and biases to … Continue reading

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Museonomics: Museums, Economic Development, and Contemporary History.  

While magnetic institutions grow and improve from their involvement with their communities, a significant factor is what is happening outside the walls of the institution. In community, every institution plays a role, and this is no different from museums in … Continue reading

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What makes a museum magnetic?

In Magnetic: The Art and Science of Engagement by Anne Bergeron and Beth Tuttle, the authors try and answer the question: What does magnetic mean, and how can an institution make itself magnetic?  What it comes down to is community involvement, and stakeholder outreach. … Continue reading

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