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Who Decides?

Who should define ethics in the museum field? For the Shelburne Museum and its then-Director, Brian Alexander, this was a fundamental question during a vicious media scandal in the mid-1990s. In order to raise money for the long-term care and … Continue reading

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Testing the Waters of Controversy

For much of the twentieth century museums and controversial topics were considered like oil and water, two things that should not mix. This, however, has changed. In today’s museums, tough topics are beginning to be discussed, as museums have realized … Continue reading

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Displays of Power: Consciously Creating Controversy in Museum Exhibitions

Displays of Power takes you through the details of six of the most controversial museum exhibits of the last fifty years. This text illustrates that even when museum staff have the best intentions, exhibits are not created or viewed in a vacuum. … Continue reading

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The Clear Ethical Line

Museum ethics are one of the most challenging things professionals in the field will face, but the ethical line is not always easy to identify. In the mid-1990s the Shelburne Museum recognized that their collection was not properly stored and in … Continue reading

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