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Who has Authority over Visual Culture?

In Maurice Berger’s book, For All The World To See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights, he describes the evolution of visual representations of African Americans from the racist depictions in the 1930s to the empowered images during … Continue reading

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The Pathways of Contemporary History

The idea of what constitutes contemporary history is one for which there remains much ambiguity. National standards say it is fifty years before something enters the historic realm. But when we consider the very idea of “the past” as experiences at any … Continue reading

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Contemporary History: Ratings to Rebellion

Contemporary History is a particularly compelling focus for museums. Almost by definition, it allows for a wider sharing of audience members’ own stories and more obvious connections to current events. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s is still a … Continue reading

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Neglecting the Little Guy?

This week, we read Nina Simon’s The Participatory Museum and discussed the myriad of ways museums can encourage visitors to engage, participate, and contribute. Simon’s book is full of rich examples highlighting the different levels of visitor participation. Examples vary … Continue reading

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Making Museums Participatory

The paradigm shift in museums has caused them to be much more education oriented. This focus on education needs to include incorporating more aspects of visitor participation in museums. Visitors are much more engaged when they can do something instead … Continue reading

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