Ethical Concerns in Museums

The AAM Code of Ethics for Museums is a resource that guides and pushes professionals to uphold a higher standard in their work. As is stated by the code, it is constantly changing and evolving. The code was adopted only in 1991. Before its inception as the standard for measurement, what did museums use as a guide before in the regards to ethics?

In reading Give Me Back My Father’s Body, it is clear that ethics were not a top priority for museum leaders at the turn of the 20th century as they are today. NAGPRA along with the AAM Code of Ethics has ensured that remains are not treated as merely scientific curiosities as were the remains of Minik’s father’s body. In the evolution of ethics in the museum field

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2 Responses to Ethical Concerns in Museums

  1. kwebberj says:

    I imagine in the past, museum professionals must have had a lot more left up to their individual standards for ethics, which is a scary thought. Even today, the ethical codes are very broad.

  2. scalje70 says:

    The AAM code of ethics is something that I still consider to be fairly new to the museum world. Because it is still fairly new, I think museums are still working on changing their ways to fit within the guidelines the AAM provides.

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