About the Cooperstown Graduate Program

The Cooperstown Graduate Program‘s two-year course of study leads to a Master of Arts degree in History Museum Studies. A unique partnership between the State University of New York College at Oneonta and the New York State Historical Association, CGP offers students access to museum resources with the support of a state university. Public service lies at the heart of the Program; we believe that museums should be at the center of community life. CGP gives students the tools to make a difference.

This blog was created as part of the program’s Introduction to Museums class, taught by the program director and distinguished professor, Dr. Gretchen Sullivan Sorin. The CGP first year class will document their investigations into the historical, present, and future issues facing the museum field. Each week, two students will post questions based on their close readings of the material and on interviews with museum professionals. This blog serves as an avenue not only for inter-class discussion, but also for those who are interested in what is being taught and discussed in museums and museum studies programs.

For more information about the students responsible for this blog, please visit our student gallery. For more information on the program’s distinguished faculty and staff, please visit the faculty and staff gallery. And, as always, the Cooperstown Graduate Program is looking for talented, dedicated, and aspiring museum professionals. To apply, please visit the Cooperstown Graduate Program website for more information.