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The Clear Ethical Line

Museum ethics are one of the most challenging things professionals in the field will face, but the ethical line is not always easy to identify. In the mid-1990s the Shelburne Museum recognized that their collection was not properly stored and in … Continue reading

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All Questions, But Who Has the Answers?

The collection is everything in the art world.  It is the heart of the institution, so why would an institution decide to get rid of it?  If you start deaccessioning items, eventually you won’t have a collection or anything that … Continue reading

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More than Just Objects

Potter Stewart once said, “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”  Thirty years later, this sentiment still holds true for communities and professionals alike, including the museum field. … Continue reading

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Don’t be evil!

How can museums keep the public’s trust?  Because of their positions of power as cultural institutions, they must do more than obeying the law.  They should serve the public interest and be ethical stewards for their collections.  This means not … Continue reading

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100% Satisfaction Not Always Best for the Audience

The AAM’s Excellence and Equity highlights the importance of museums expanding their role as educational institutions, especially in terms of culturally diverse audiences.  Roy Rosenzweig’s and David Thelen’s Presence of the Past: Popular Uses of History in American Life attempts … Continue reading

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