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Contemporary History: Ratings to Rebellion

Contemporary History is a particularly compelling focus for museums. Almost by definition, it allows for a wider sharing of audience members’ own stories and more obvious connections to current events. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s is still a … Continue reading

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Creating a Niche: Finding a Purpose for Historic Homes in Modern America

America is struck by historic house museum fever. More than 15,000 historic homes dot the country, many of which (some would argue) are repetitious, archaic, and irrelevant. While they might present their individual histories well, house museums often fail to … Continue reading

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When Diversity Calls, Pick Up the Phone!

As museum professionals we do a lot of talking about diversity. But how do we actually go about attracting diverse visitors?  Perhaps museums need to stop looking at diversity as a challenge they need to overcome, and start viewing it … Continue reading

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More than Opening Hours: Museums and Public Service

In the 1917 screed The Gloom of the Museum, John Cotton Dana complained that American museums were too much like, “remote palaces and temples, filled with objects not closely associated with the life of the people who are asked to … Continue reading

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The Future of Museum Diversity Starts With You

The America we know is not the America we knew, nor will it be the America we will know in the future. Increasing immigration throughout the United States has led to rapidly changing racial demographics and a shift in attitude … Continue reading

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