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Displays of Power: Consciously Creating Controversy in Museum Exhibitions

Displays of Power takes you through the details of six of the most controversial museum exhibits of the last fifty years. This text illustrates that even when museum staff have the best intentions, exhibits are not created or viewed in a vacuum. … Continue reading

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Don’t be evil!

How can museums keep the public’s trust?  Because of their positions of power as cultural institutions, they must do more than obeying the law.  They should serve the public interest and be ethical stewards for their collections.  This means not … Continue reading

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Locking Doors or Broadening Minds?

Through successful exhibitions, museums connect objects and ideas to individuals.  It is impossible to fully anticipate audience response.  Yet the importance of positive public reaction is undeniable.  People initially vote with their feet and subsequently vote with funding.  Federally funded … Continue reading

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